How We Bring You More


How we bring you more every day 

We didn’t become one of the world’s largest suppliers of quality reconditioned and service exchange parts by doing things by halves. We got there because everything we do is geared towards delivering greater machine availability at a lower cost for our customers.

Read about the different ways we’re achieving this:

Parts for all major equipment brands – in one place

Does your mine operate many different makes and models of earthmoving equipment? With BTP you can source all the parts you need from one place. This not only reduces downtime, it also cuts paperwork and makes order management more streamlined. Search our Quick Parts Finder now.

Buy the part, get the fitting kit as well

When you order transmissions, torque converters, pumps, final drives or other major parts from us we provide the fitmentkit in the price. We’re the only people providing this service. Why do we do it? So you have everything you need on site to complete the job and get the machine back working.

Save up to 60% on parts

Through our global procurement program, efficient facilities and smarter approach to business, we can save you up to 60% on the OEM new price. Our genuine used parts program meets the OEM reusable guidelines and comes with a three-month defect warranty. You can also save up to 40% off the OEM list with our new genuine OEM parts range.

Equal or better warranty

All our parts come with warranties that are equal to, or better than, your OEM service exchange parts.

Equal or better quality

Our exchange parts come from the same machines as your OEM. We then recondition to like new, or better where our experience shows improvements can be made. We only offer non-genuine parts that pass our rigorous R&D inspection and testing program. We never compromise quality.

2 years/10,000 hour power train warranty

Program your fleet’s complete power train replacement schedule with BTP and receive a two year/ 10,000 hour warranty at no extra charge. Our rotation policy also ensures you retain your original component iron with your fleet.

Good advice, not just good parts

Many of our parts people were once mechanics so have an encyclopaedic knowledge of earthmoving equipment components. Good advice is another way we save you money. Talk to the BTP Parts team now.